Distributed Reviews: Allow adding review comments in log limited to subtree

Joachim Kuhnert 2 years ago 0

If the log view is restricted to a directory or file and only commits affecting this subtree are shown all review features are disabled. This makes sense for most of them like creating pull requests but it would be nice to be able to add review comments to commits and files even if the log view is filtered.

If I want for exmaple to review the changes of a specific Java package I would show the log for this folder. If I now want to make a comment I have to remeber the ID of the commit and look it up in the unrestricted log view. If I want to make a line comment I now have to select the file and scroll to the affected line and then add the comment there. A similiar case would be git blame where the log is automatically restricted to the file if I show the changes. The workflow would be more fluent if I could directly add the comment.