Font size too small

nmatt 2 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 7

The smaller font size (like under the toolbar buttons) used in various places (e.g. explanatory text in messages boxes and Preferences sheets) is too small for my eyes. The small font used in tag/branch markers in the Journal view is a problem as well. It would be great if font sizes wouldn't go below the standard UI font size, or if this would be adjustable.

What operating system at what resolution (pixels/dpi) you are using?

I use Windows with the standard 100% setting (96 DPI) on a 1920x1200 desktop monitor. Setting DPI higher wouldn't make sense because I'm fine with other applications and would lose significant screen real-estate. Moreover, some of the other applications I use are not fully compatible with higher DPI settings.

I'm fine with the standard font size in the SmartGit UI, but the smaller sizes are giving me trouble and make me squint. There are enough occurrences of smaller text in the UI that it is uncomfortable to use overall.

In build 13202 you can set the low-level property ui.fonts.useDefaultAsInfo to true to get this effect.

Thanks! Is there a projected release date for the next version?

There is no exact date. Does the intermediate build work fine for you?

Ah, I wasn't aware there are public updates under the same version number. I tried build 13202 now with ui.fonts.useDefaultAsInfo set to true, and it appears to work fine. Thanks again.