Log: optionally open all submodules when opening a repository

Michel Archambault 2 years ago updated by Sebastien Matte 1 year ago 2

In the Working Tree window, when I double-click on a repo, all sub-modules are loaded (showing current branch, pull / push status). This is great.

But, in the Log Graph window, it is not the case.

I need to double-click on every single sub-module (around 25 time), and I must do that every time I changed repo.

We are able to select multiple repositories and with the context menu click on the "Open Repository" button. Even though we can select multiple submodules there is no option to open them. Having a similar option for opening submodules could be helpfull and save a lot of times when we want to monitor a lot of submodules.

The fact that the submodules are "closed" by default hides some useful information on the submodule element in the log:

- There is no visual indication of the status of your current branch compared to the tracked branch (green and orange arrow)

- There is no indication on which branch is checked out or if the head is detached.

Having a way to easily open all submodules at once would really be appreciated.