Make Fuzzy Matching match first the beginning of word, instead of matching middle words first

Bugged 2 years ago 0

If I would like to select some repository/submodule like "WrapPlus" on the `Repositories` view like this:

I would first type w, then, I would expect for it to first match the first repository starting with W like this:

But what it actually does, is to match the first submodule with `w` on the middle like this:

If I write more letters up to `write`, it still not selecting the repository I would like to select:

The only way for it to select the repository I want to is to type more than half of the repository name:

This is why I never use this feature because it is more easy to scroll with mouse than type almost the whole name.

If it matched first from the beginning of the word, I would just have to type `wr` for the correct repository to be selected, instead of `wrapp`

If you do not like to break the old behavior, a low level property to change this behavior would be extremely very welcome.