Add the "Stash" action on the popup menu

gsimard 8 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 7 years ago 8

I am sure you can find some place to add "Stash" somewhere inside this popup menu :-)

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Missing Git feature

I will continue doing stashing through the Local -> Save Stash... menu.

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Under review

You are aware, that Stash does not work on files, but only on the entire repository?

Yes, I am aware how the Stash functionality currently work ... all or nothing.

Stash is only available from the Local menu and its behavior is constant regardless whether there are files currently selected or not. All the files will be stashed.

Stash... should probably also be available in the menu choices just like Commit... when the user right click on the repository entry. The Commit... entry works on all the modified/untracked files in the repository just like Stash... would.

So your request is just to add the Stash menu item to the popup menu? Fine. Regarding stashing of a subset of files, there is already another topic:


Yes ... my request is to have the Stash command added to the menu ... not to add the ability to stash selected files (I was aware of the post to stash individual files).

I thought, once apon a time, it WAS on the context menu? And then it was removed?

For the repository context menu it would make sense (because it operates on the selection), but for the Files popup it does not operate on the context and won't be added there.


This is a context menu that contains menu items that can operate on the selected files. Stash does not operate on selected files, but always on the whole repository. Hence I voted against this request.


Implemented because now it can operate on the selected files.