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Mercurial: support for creating and importing patches

Craig Caulfield 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 4 years ago 5

SmartGit allows you to create and apply a patches for Git, but not for Mercurial. Atlassian's SourceTree and the tool within Intellij IDEA have a context menu against log entries to create a patch from single or multiple commits.


The "Format Patch" default external tool already should provide the ability to create patches.

I guess so... but only for Git, not Mercurial (neither create or import). I could create my own script/tool definition, but then I have to consider upgrades and remember to copy the script/tool definition to my laptop, my office PC, my home Mac... Why use SmartGit at all then?

I'm trying to promote SmartGit within my company where we use Git and Mercurial, but developers won't switch from their existing tool (SourceTree) if they have this overhead.


I've adjusted the description accordingly.