Stash should work similar to Commit - the selection should define whether to stash all or just the selection

Iulian Onofrei 2 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 2

Not selecting any file, both cmd + k and cmd + s commits, respectively stashes all the files in the working tree.

Selecting one or more files from the working tree, cmd + k commits them while cmd + s stashes all the files, in which case the selection is completely ignored.

This is not consistent and, at least for me, very unintuitive. A lot of times I selected some files, hit cmd + s, and pressed enter, only to see that all the files were stashes instead.

It isn't completed. Selecting only a file and hitting cmd + s still stashes all the files. While hitting cmd + k correctly commits only the selected file. So the inconsistency still exists.

Sorry, then I misunderstood the request.