Allow to recude the name column on Log Window

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There are some folks with a very big name, and my screen is not wide enough to correctly hold all the panels.

On this image, I would like to recude the size of the "Commiter Name" to the red marked line. When reducing the column, the commiter name would be cut and ellipsis would be added `...`

If someone would like to see the full name, they could just houver the name with the mouse arrow, and a tooltip would show up with the full name, as it currently does:

This is the same issue as: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/smartgit/QHYEVvJrl6Y

There, the problem is with the Select Commit Message dialog. Here it is with the Log Window. 

There the fix is easy because I can enlarge enough the Commit Dialog Window, but with the Log Window, there are several other panels on both sides which are going to lose precious space if I enlarge the "Commits" view, just because there are some folks with very large names on the commit history.

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Please check out the low-level properties log.graph.author.maxLength and log.graph.author.truncateLength.