Files view: allow somehow to open the Log window for a submodule repository

Bugged 1 year ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 0

Allow somehow to open the log window for that repository from Files view, instead of having to scroll down up to the repository on the Repositories view, and hit to show the log window:

i..e, if I hit the LSP on the Files window, and hit the Log button, it will open a Log Window for the changes on the submodule head pointer, but most times, I am not interested in seeing that. Instead, I would prefer to open the Log Window for the git history of the selected submodule, as happens when hitting the LSP submodule on the Repositories view and hitting the log button.

Indeed, the current behavior for the log button on the Files view is correct, when hitting one submodule. Then, this request would be for some alternate menu entry/button or low level property to allow seeing the selected submodule history instead of the submodule head pointer changes.

This new option could be added here:

When selecting a git submodule and I hit `Log -> Log Repository`, it did not opened the Log Window with submodule, but the Log Window with the parent repository history.