Branches view: show commits ahead / behind master for every branch

sa.he 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 5

I like to see at a glance the state of the branches. It helps the overview of what branch contains/misses relevant commits.

Best would be if it the 'master' branch could be configured to see e.g. "commits ahead / behind develop".

Github and Gitlab both have it in their web interface - can it also be added to smartgit?

How would this play together with current ahead/behind information of local vs. tracking branch?

The information you are mentioning is for local branches available.

The new information could be shown for remote branches only. Saying this - I'd prefer the remote and local branches to be visualy separated or grouped.

Current view

(yellow highlights the mix of local and remote branches)


(all remote branches are shown under origin, grouped in features, releases etc..

now, as the remote branches are separated, the ahead/behind information can be shown. Either as graph like github or in smartgit's text style like "6><11")

Regarding ahead/behind, I agree that for remote branches this will work fine. I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to do that only for Remote branches and continue displaying ahead/behind relative to the tracked branch for local branches. Is this actually what you would like to see?

Alternatively, there could be an option whether to display ahead/behind relative to the remote branch or relative to the (remote?) "main" branch for any branch.

For local branches, we also could display this information in addition to the existing ahead/behind.This means that there will be two ahead/behind markers for local tracking branches.

Summarizing, there will be following alternatives:

  • ahead/behind relative to tracked branch for local branches, ahead/behind relative to "main" branch for remote branches
  • ahead/behind relative to "main" branch for all branches
  • ahead/behind relative to tracked branch for local branches, in addition ahead/behing relative to "main" branch for all branches

Can we identify one of these options which is significantly more reasonable than the others? Otherwise, we might better have radio options for all alternatives.

Displaying additional Feature, ... categories under "origin" would be a separate RFE -- personally I don't like this deep kind of hierarchy. But for you it might already be sufficient to deselect Show remote branches in their Git-Flow sections from the Branches view hamburger menu.

Great. "Show remote branches in their Git-Flow sections" is exactly what I was suggesting. Didn't know that feature.

"ahead/behind relative to tracked branch for local branches" -> this feature is important and should stay

Showing both ahead/behinds has the risk of beeing confusing. If you choose to do that, both indicators should be visualized in a different manner.

"ahead/behind relative to "main" branch" -> I'm not sure if that information is relevant for local branches. Rather not.

I'd choose your first option "ahead/behind relative to tracked branch for local branches, ahead/behind relative to "main" branch for remote branches" and use different visualization of ahead/behind. This way the user can easily distinguish the two.