File Compare: detect external file content changes and reload if necessary

Bugged 1 year ago updated by griscom 2 months ago 1

Most times when I am editing a file in the File Compare window, I jump to my text editor/IDE because I need advanced tools.

But when I come back to the File Compare window, my changes are not reloaded on the right pane:

Then, I have to copy and paste the entire buffer.

It would be a nice option if Smartgit detected the file on the right had changed, and then ask to reload it.

I get burned by this all the time, because I forget that I'm editing in BBEdit when I open a File Compare window.

BBEdit actually Does The Right Thing™. When you switch to it, it checks all open windows for their disk files having changed. If a file changes, and there are no changes in the window, then it silently updates the window to the file's new content. If the window has unsaved changes, then it offers four choices (from BBEdit 12.6.7):

This is a wonderful thing, and it would be great if SmartGit did something similar (although not all the choices would make sense).