Inactive window tabs should not flip to the right side of the docking area

Ed Ball 1 year ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 3

With a recent update, I see that when a docking area has multiple windows, and the active window tab has an inactive window tab to the right, that tab is now right-aligned. This makes switching among overlapping windows considerably more difficult. Active or inactive, window tabs should stay in roughly the same place.

A "view" consists of the tab and often also the toolbar area. Do you really suggest to group them together?

BTW, did you know you can switch between tabs using the scrollwheel of the mouse?

Yes, that is my suggestion. Lots of apps use tabs, and they've set my subconscious expectations, which are disrupted when I click on one tab and it makes the other tab effectively disappear. :-)

Thanks for the tip on the mouse wheel. Since other apps don't support it, it might be hard to remember to use it.

Put another way, I think of the tabs and the toolbar as being separate things, whether the toolbar is below the tabs or to the right of the tabs. I don't think of the toolbar as being part of the tab.

Well, for us, the toolbar belongs to the tabs.