Compare/Changes View: Mark current difference on both sides

arcadius 1 year ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 0

Currenly the number of current different line is marked (yellow) only on one (focused) side of Changes window. If user is looking into the code in other side, (s)he will hardly see this mark.

It would be handsome if current line's number was somehow marked on the non-focused side too, f.e. with gray.

It should be possible to implement this for equal lines and changes for which left change side size = right change side size. But what about changes which have different size on left and right side?

The problem is only if code block on some side is deleted, so there's no line numbers for it.

I think it would be good if borders around the current difference had some other color.

There's another advantage of such design. Look at my pictures above. Lines 14—18 are all surrounded by same borders, so it's unclear, which lines are different: it's some mess of the borders. If two (or one, if block is deleted) borders around current difference were in specific color, the picture would be more clear.