Open a version of a file from a commit without saving it first

Dan Gibson 1 month ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 4 weeks ago 2

When viewing a commit, it would be nice to be able to either:

a) right click on the file in the Files tab and select "View Before" or "View Before", or

b) select "View" from the appropriate Changes window down the bottom of the screen

and it would save the file to the %TEMP% folder and open my editor for it.

At the moment my options are either copy the text from the Changes window and paste to my editor (but since the new unsaved file doesn't have an extension, it doesn't get syntax highlighting), or save the file somewhere and then open it in my editor.

I just want to view the file - not revert it, and I don't care where it gets saved.

Is this a duplicate of https://smartgit.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/953- ?

I'm unable to view topic 953.

Sorry about confusion about topics. I have now published this one.