Add a Message box beside each branch in the Branches panel

Hesamedin Kamalan 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 6

I am working on a big project and therefore, sometimes I have a lot of branches (sometimes their name is close to another) that are in repo and under review. Therefore, unless I checkout to a branch and look at the logs, I don't remember what this branch does/fix/improve.

The Message box helps to attach Jira link (or more information) to the branch. Therefore, I don't need to checkout anymore to get more info about the branch.

Why not use a speaking name for the branch?

Thanks for your explanation.

Let's assume that I set a meaningful name although it is difficult to keep it short.

Then a different situation might happen for the branch.

1- If I am not done with the branch (In case something urgent happened or I need to leave this branch for a few days), then I want to add a few links into it. Somethings like a link to the Jira ticket, wiki, and Slack (link to a discussion). I might want to write some sentences, too, to summarise what I have done and what I need to do later.

2- If I am done with the branch but I want to keep it for my later reference, then I might want to add some notes for the future.

I am not sure if it makes sense to the majority of the users but having this ability helps me a lot.

Wouldn't an issue tracker or a tiny todo.txt file be the better choice? IMHO, it is not the task of a version control client to support every part of the development workflow.

I agree with you, it is not the task of version control directly.

But indirectly, we can look at it like a log. special kind of log that is not being assigned to a commit specifically but to a branch. Although, I don't think we have such a thing in the Git.