GitLab Issue Tracker support

Mario123 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 3

We're using a self hosted gitlab server instance using the community edition.

Using the integration with a Gitlab instances only allows us to see all projects granted access to me or seeing and creating merge request.

Since we're also using the gitlab issue tracker it would be great to add a better integration with the issues, e.g:

  • Show Issue Numbers in log view that relate to commits (next to authors)
  • Create issues prior to commits with a simple dialogue (for minor issues this would be great)
  • Provide additional information during the commit to not only close an issues (gitlab automatically does this if wrting 'fixes #123') but also to label or assign milestones to it.

Show Issue Numbers in log view that relate to commits (next to authors)/em>

This should already work (for any issue tracker): https://www.syntevo.com/doc/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1704589
Regarding the other suggestions, I reckon you want to get something like the JIRA integration: http://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/JIRA?

Sort of. I've tried setting up the bugtraq configuration for smartgit and it creates a link to the issue in the commit window, but the issue number doesn't show up in the Graph window (that's the window I was referring to as "log" window)

I checked your JIRA integration. That would help to close issues, but not to create one. The internal request was to create an issue in the project with a template and return the issue number, so one can refer to it in a commit.