Change the wording of "1 change" to "1 changed file" or "1 file changed"

Peter Slížik 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 4

For me, as a programmer, a "change" means a modification of a few related lines in code.

That is, if I have two files, aaa.py and bbb.py and I modify lines 10, 15, and 20 in aaa.py and lines 100, 200, and 300 in bbb.py, this means I made 6 changes in 2 files. (I believe this implies that the command git add --patch would be used 6 times in total.)

However, the "virtual nodes" in the Commits section of the Log window says 2 changes, which suggests that only two changes have been made. This is quite confusing. Please, change its wording either to 2 changed files or 2 files changed (don't know which one is better, I'm not a native speaker).

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Still, that other RFE suggests the word changed instead of changes. With changed, my mind will fill in the word files (because of the context). But a change is exactly what it suggests - a piece, a chunk.

Good point. Fixed for version 19.2 preview (SG-13044).