Log Graph - show text from further lines in gray

PetrN 1 year ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 1

It would be great if SmartGit would show lines >1st from the commit message with different colors when a user is browsing the log.

We use the 1st line as the issue description and then following lines contain additional information.

Would it be possible to implement such coloring so that additional lines would be shows e.g. with gray color?

Thanks for considering.

You have not understood my suggestion correctly.

I meant by using a word "merging" a different case - I would like to see merged lines from a specific commit.

If you take a look at my image it would be great to see "TIPSYS-55370 (Číselník - zgrupování některých událostí) ... udalost WILL_BE_PENALTY_PARTICIPANT (-204) => groupovani" as 1 line (this a multiline commit message shown on the right side).