Import/Export SmartGit settings

iglvzx 4 years ago updated by Chris Kline 3 months ago 4

I would love the ability to export my SmartGit settings into a single config file so then I can easily & quickly import my settings later when reinstalling or installing on a new system.

I am aware you can sync/copy settings from one SmartGit installation to another by copying over the various .XML files in the SmartGit settings folder, but this can be messy and cause problems if not done correctly.


I'd say low prio as you can achieve the same with quick google search for smartgit's config folder ("smartgit config folder")


I'm a little bit surprise why so much users upvoted this request, because one already can copy the settings because they are stored inside files.

I think the problem is user experience. Currently, to export settings, you have to know to:

  1. Know that, to find the right settings folder, you must:
    1. choose "about smargit" from the Help menu
    2. click on the "information" tab
    3. click on the folder icon next to "Settings path"
    4. figure out which of the potentially-many version-specific folders to enter (are you running Smartgit 20.1, 20.2, ...etc)
  2.  Figure out which files should be copied, and which shouldn't. There are currently 26 files and 6 folders in my "settings path" --- which are needed when migrating to a new machine? If I want to create a "clean" but pre-configured set of settings to distribute within my organization, what's the minimal set of files necessary? Which are safe to migrate across versions?

People use SmartGit to avoid needing to think quite as much about the complexities of their source control system. It would be nice if they didn't have to think so much about settings import/export, and could just click an "import settings" and "export settings" button in the UI.