Your comments

No I haven't discovered that yet. Rename is rename and move is move in my eyes. So I propose this one:

  1. Implement your suggestion
  2. Rename the menu item to Rename/Move to make it clear for beginners that it covers both

Our views differ: I'd never claim this decision to be smart. For me it's just inflexible. But it wasn't made by you and you cannot work around that, even if you'd see the value in it and tried.

I would take an already existing file which is in a different directory and move it to that directory. The file is no longer where it was but in that directory afterwards. This is what users usually refer to if they talk about "move".

That is a massive shortcoming of Git and should be fixed as soon as possible. Yes, taht's not your fault, but you're closer to the Git folks...

No, I'm not referring to rename. I'm referring to a file being somewhere in the working directory and already under version control and this file shall be moved into a newly created subfolder, which is not under version control yet. The name of the file stays the same and hence it is not a rename!