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Can it be that the suggestMostAppropriateGroup functionality is not working when one searches repos in a selected folder? I work with version 23.1.3 and the new repos are anyway added at the end of the repos list (in the main branch)

Hi I'm working with 22.1.6 but the group ist still randomly selected when the first repository of the new group is added. I think the "sibling" feature is not really of great use. If I select a group, the new repo shall be added there.

Thank you Marc, it works!

Thank you very much for this feature, my colleagues were also enthusiast about it and now want to install SmartGit. :-)

Do you know when this feature will be available in the official release?

In the changed files list of the log view, the message is displayed  as soon as a file bigger than 1MB has changed and one selects it.

As soon as one selects another smaller file, the message disappears, and then one can safely point to a changed submodule and compare.

OK I think I've found the reason:

I have changed the property:


to 20MB and then the problem disappears.

I guess the file limit management is not reset correctly when the selection is then pointed to a submodule instead of a file, causing then the submodule comparison to hang.

I didn't have the setting for the log window, now it works.

For the rest see below.

Hi Marc

actually it is related to a file which is 12MB size.

The message is also displayed in 22.1.4, so it is not related to the preview version.

I've found this article:

These were my settings:

FileAttributesLimitInBytes = 1000000

Unfortunately I've changed both to 20MB, restarted the PC but the message appears anyway (and with 1MB limit). So apparently something else must be changed.

Perhaps the problem is related to the changes preview window. I have noticed the following:

  1. in the log window, if I point to the commit where ONLY this big file has changed, I get the message
  2. if I point to another commit where the big file has not changed, but only a submodule has changed, the message remains 
  3. if now I point again to a third commit where the big file has not changed, and the first change is a file (not a submodule) the message disappears.

Note that at point 2, if I press "compare", it hangs

Image 755

Hi Marc, I've tried the compare functionality.

It works pretty well, besides the fact that the compare result is opened in the same log window. 

As already mentioned, it would be much better if a new log window for this comparison would be opened, so that I can always go back to the main project log and compare further files/submodules.

Another problem is that sometimes the message "File size exceedes configured limit  or 1,000,000 bytes." is displayed.

When one then presses the "compare" button, everything hangs.

Hi Marc

thanks for the reply.

"but instead of selecting only one commit, select both of them."

That is exactly what I would need. Moreover, the log window of the submodule's differences would have to be different form the log window I have opened for the main project, so that I can later go on inspecting the rest of the changes in the main project.