Provide easy way to see all the deleted files in a repository in Smartgit

mcollier69 12 months ago 0

Our use case for this feature is to retrieve and/or look at old

code that has been removed at some point in the past. Often we don't

know when it was removed and sometimes we don't even remember the name

of the file that we are looking for.The file could have been

removed by another user of the repository and they may not have put the

file name in the commit message. By getting a list of the files deleted

we can see the history of deletion and seeing the file names may also

jog our memory about what the name of the file is. Even with the name,

there isn't a way in Smartgit that I know of to find when the file was

deleted and by which user.For example lets say I delete a

class file from the repository that is no longer referenced or used by

our project. Another user, at a later time is looking for the file but

can't find it anywhere in the project and they would like to at the code

or use the code in something they are working on. They may a vague

recollection that it used to exist 6 months ago but at some point in

time between 6 months ago and now it was deleted. They would then have

to look at the log entry of every commit between now and 6 months ago to

find the deleted file. This could take a long time if there are lots of

commits. A list of deleted files would cut down their search time