Repositories view: group in group

Mickaël PERRIN 8 years ago updated by Dan Gibson 5 years ago 18

Groups are a good way to organize git repos, but what about organizing groups in groups ? It would add a useful tree view for organizing projects...


Our intention was to keep it as simple as possible and though providing some useful functionality.

Do nested groups add any complexity?


Voted against. Repositories are sorted by name. In this case, you have to follow some kind of pattern for repository-naming. Group in groups will decorate the repository-naming problem.


Groups are collapsable, a list of repo named by convention is not.
I think multi-level hierarchy of groups is more user-friendly than just a list of repos sorted by name.


From my point of view nothing should stop developers from adding this feature, since anyone who don't like it would use first nested level.
Another key point: it may be very useful when organization is huge and there are a lot of different teams working on set projects, so you can reflect that in group hierarchy. However this can be done in other way: by using tags for git projects instead of group hierarchy


The latest SmartGit 18.2 intermediate build 13079 introduces this feature. You can test it by using 18.2 preview and invoking Help | Check For Latest Build.


Nice, I just grouped some groups.  Thanks.

Nice... but getting an error using DragNDrop:

    at org.eclipse.swt.dnd.DropTarget.drop(DropTarget.java:695)
    at org.eclipse.swt.dnd.DropTarget.outlineView_acceptDrop_item_childIndex(DropTarget.java:741)
    at org.eclipse.swt.dnd.DropTarget.dropTargetProc(DropTarget.java:466)

Please send the bug report with steps how to reproduce. Thanks in advance.

Nice feature. On a quick test it worked as expected when putting groups into other groups. However, I was unable to move a group to the top level again. Would be nice if this was possible as well (could be either through drag'n'drop or via a context menu item)

You could move a group onto a repository that is not located in a group.

I never knew this existed - I was about to add a request for it. I was looking for the command in the Repository Views context menu but it's not there - it's only in the main menu. Could you add it to the context menu to make it more discoverable?

Since the beginning you can move repositories to groups using the context menu. Please also try SmartGit 19.1.

Ah I see it now. I was clicking on empty space in the list and looking for a New Group command in the context menu. It's there, but buried inside the Move To submenu.

Right-clicking a group in SmartGit 19.1 there also is a "Add Group" menu item.

There is? I'm using 19.1 rc2 and I don't see Add Group.

Oh right, if I click on a group I can add another group.