Add "Revert hunk" option in Changes-window

Anton 9 months ago updated 6 months ago 3

Add "Unstage Hunk" to (right) Index panel when comparing HEAD vs. Index (in context menu/hotkey).

Now it is only available in left pane.
It should do the same action as "Unstage Hunk" in left pane currently.

Changes view

I also want to explain why should I ask for that.
My overall goal is to move through changes in "Changes" window and make use of keyboard hotkeys to stage/unstage (or revert) the next change (instead of clicking small buttons "Stage hunk", "Revert hunk" in a splitter).

This issue was initially about Changes-window in the bottom of the main window.
Please also add similar feature to stage/unstage certain hunks in a separate Changes-window opened by right click on a file - "Show changes" menu item in all modes: (Index vs Working Tree), (HEAD vs Index).

Finilly, right panel should have both all Revert features and all Stage features.