Visual Studio connection

Pawel 2 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 weeks ago 4

I didnt write my request so...

What i want to see in future release of Smartgit is connection to Visual Studio.

I dont know it its possible (maybe it needs some extension in VS).

When i find some difference in commit in repository (in Smartgit), i want to click some button and magic could happen: cursor set in VS in that file in that very  line - to make my further changes.

VS have some gif functionality included, but smartgit is my favorite tool, i dont want to learn git in VS.


thank you for your feedback! There is some complexity to this. To open a file or to open a full solution?
In what part of the process do you want to us it? During Merge/Rebase? or from changes in the diff view?



just opening the file should be enough.I assume that solution is already open.

I need jump from diff window in Smartgit direcly to point in VS, where i could edit this very change.

thank you for checking this :)


Do you mean the Changes view in SmartGit? Did you already try to add an external tool in the SmartGit preferences, that invokes VS with the selected file?