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fast-forward for standard window

Dat 2 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 months ago 4

Can we have fast-forward merge feature for branch in Standard workflow?

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not telling the true

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I don't see that feature anywhere in standard window

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Fast-forward does not exist as a standalone command, but occurs on Merge (like in all other windows, too) if it is possible to merge fast-forward.

No, it's not true. In image below, I'm at `test` branch, `main` branch has 3 commit ahead. I right-click `main` -> Merge. And other windows can't do that as well

Image 850

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Sorry, looks like I misunderstood you. Do you mean the old external tool to fast-forward branches that are not checked out? That was replaced in the Log window by an implemented command. For the Standard window it does not exist, but actually is not needed, because the Pull command already fast-forwards all branches if the branches were equal to their remote before the pull.