Log: Files list, please add "Open" and "Reveal in Explorer" in Context Menu

penski 8 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 7 years ago 14

List of files in main window has context menu with functions like: "Open" and

"Reveal in Explorer"

I miss them in the context menu of List of files of the LOG window

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The file in the main window are actually files. The entries you see in the Log are historic files - they may have different content locally, be moved or renamed, or deleted. IMHO it makes no(t much) sense to show it in the Log's Files view.


Hi Thomas,

thx for quick replay.

Yes, the log can contain historic files. But in a (my) active project, the most files are still there at the same place and have the same name. Sure, there have different content now, but this is not the point.

Reason, why I’m asking this feature is quite simple:

I open SmartGit and see the nice Journal of latest changes in the current project done by my colleges.
To get more details about a commit, I select now “Log” and get a great view of the done changes -> perfect.

But stop, what has he done there … this change in the goofy.lib looks little bit bugy for me, I have to look on it closer in the IDE …

Now I have to open the IDE, search the correct path (maybe click 1 or 2 times the wrong one ?) and open the goofy.lib … annoying.

Could be much easier to right click the already viewed filename in the log and just “Open” it.

INHO, it would make me smile :)

Best regards, Bernhard

What exactly you'd expect SmartGit to do? To open the file existing in your working tree, switching to the selected commit and then open the file existing in your working tree, create a temporary clone of the whole repository and invoke it from there or simply create a copy of the selected file in a temporary directory and invoke the tool?


Oh, I see, this can be complicated … you are right, this makes only sense for real existing files with the latest version of the file.

No, I thought about just a simple “Open” command of the actually file in the current working tree like the one in the main window. The tool (IDE) is invoked by the OS.

Maybe this can be done with an additional “file_exists” check ?
If file with displayed filename exists, add the “Open” and "Reveal in Explorer" Functions to the context menu. Simply use the current version of the file (no need to clone the repository or create temporary "old" versions).

All I’m looking for is a quick and easy way to open the displayed file in the current version.

I agree with Penski.

Now SmartGit have group "Diff Tools" in "Preferences -> Tools" window where you can add new diff tool as external viewer (for example notepad++.exe) which will be used when you double click at file in Log. But it's diff tool and when you double click at file it opens window with two files in some temp directory: old and new version.

The question is: can you add possibility to open only one version (new) of file instead of two versions in Log window?


You can create a wrapper batch file (as diff tool) that simply passes just one (the second) parameter to the tool of your choice.


I'd be happy with just a "Open Working Version" option. I often use the Log window to check what files were relevant in a feature, so I can then jump to my IDE to do more work on them.

This is the same rationale why I filed https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/13-quick-way-to-show-the-files-that-are-being-worked-on-in-this-branch/

There should be a way to checkout a branch, then quickly open the files you had been working on in that branch. Either from the log's modified files pane, or from the main window's files pane with "most recently modified" column, etc.

I really, really miss the "open file" option in this right-click menu.

As Thomas Singer said, what should SmartGit do? I think in most cases, the user just wants to open the file as it is on the filesystem currently, just like opening it from the file explorer.

yep, all I’m looking for is a quick and easy way to open the displayed file in the current version.

just call the feature "Open Working Version"

An additional Copy Absolute Path context menu item when right-clicking on a file in the log viewer would be helpful for me.

The Copy Absolute Path funktion exists concealed in the Save As ... context menu ...

Meanwhile I'm using Save As ... to workaround this missing feature:

Press: CTRL + S to get Save As ...

Press: CTRL + C to copy the aready marked "Target File"

Close Save file As ... dialog

In the IDE: use CTRL + V in the "open file" dialog

I understand that it doesn't make logical sense to open a file from the history, since it could no longer exist or exist in a different place in the present, which is why I suggested a column in the main window of the latest commit date that includes that file, so we can sort by that, and easily select the most recently-edited files and drag to IDE or right-click and open, etc.