Searching commits: show all commits and highlight the matching commits

Jaap 4 years ago updated by Iulian Onofrei 3 years ago 4

When searching for a specific commit, only the matching commits are shown. With this option you will still see the complete commit history with the matching commits highlighted

Are you aware than you can "speed search" for commits by just starting to type while the focus is in the table?

Also, there is another (big) problem with your suggestion: SmartGit would possibly load a huge amount of commits into memory while searching your repository (to the beginning). This quickly results in an out-of-memory problem which is the reason why we had changed code some versions ago to *not* work on the entire graph.


I've just done the same suggestion as Jaap but it's awaiting for moderation.

I didn't know about this "speed search" that you pointed out Marc, thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the quick reply!

The thing with searching is that I quickly lose focus. I only see the matching commits but not the 'historical' perspective...

You can also right click it and select "Reveal commit".