Reverting commit should show "Revert: <reverted commit message>" like old versions

Parvinder Singh 4 years ago updated by Alexander Zhezherun 3 years ago 6

Current builds show (reverted from commit....) at end of the commit message

i want an option to show that commit is reverted in 1st line as:

Revert: <reverted commit message>

this was present in older builds.... how to reactivate it ?

Instead of customizing, I think the suggestion should be the default.

Changing the default behavior in an application with >100k business users would be a bad choice.

Then there should be a way to have company wide customization. Maybe just a path to shared property file?

In the installation directory (at least on Windows) you can find a smartgit.vmoptions.

Thanks but it seems that -Dsmartgit.settings option is not what I think about. I think about shared property file with following behavior - properties specified in shared file will have higher priority over user local property file. So the shared property file will specify just corporate wide properties.