Full multi profile system

virenerus 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 months ago 8

A full system that allows you to use smartgit with multiple profiles/workspaces and automatically manages different .gitconfig and smartgit configurations would be awesome. Git Kraken has a very nice support for this which could be used as an example.

This would be a highly useful feature not only for myself, but for anyone who is doing work for multiple clients.

Not having this feature prevents me from working on personal/open-source stuff while at work and is the one killer missing feature which is making me consider purchasing Git Kraken.

What exactly needs to be different for your open source projects than for the others - email address?

Yes, email address is what needs to be different.

That is very easy to achieve. Open the Open Source repository in SmartGit, use Repository | Settings and enter the different email address. This will write the user.email to the repository's .git/config.

Thomas, I wasn't aware of that feature - thank you very much for pointing that out!  That will get me what I need.

But given that you already have this implemented and you already have the great "Groups" feature for categorizing repos into named directories ... I bet it would be an easy win for you to get me what I want (assuming you work on SmartGit) ;-)

If I could set that email at a Groups Settings level and have it automatically apply to all repos within a Group, then I would pretty much have the full multi-profile system I am looking for.  Other customers would probably like the ability to configure various other repo-level settings at the Group level as well.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to change the repository settings easily for multiple repositories with possible contradicting options. Maybe the simplest solution for you would be to add an external tool in SmartGit that configures the user.email option according to your needs, e.g. execute the command

Command  : {git}
Arguments: config user.email user@domain.com

Then setting it is just one click in the Tools menu.