Shift+Scroll To Scroll Sideways

Colin Richardson 3 years ago updated by Tim Smolders 2 years ago 2

On browsers (well, atleast in chrome), if you have a really wide webpage (Trello for example) You can use Shift+Scroll to scroll wideways rather than up and down.

It would be nice if I could do this on Compare Panel too. For comparing long lines of code.

Not normally a problem, but I have a monitor in portrait orientation, and if you are using Index Editor, it doesn't leave much room. I just noticed it was missing was all.

"Not normally a problem" - I disagree. It's real problem. I normally write code up to about 2/3 of monitor width, whereas changes view uses only 1/2 of monitor to show one state of code. Bad code might be even more than monitor's width. I also feel ridiculous that some IDEs don't support this feature yet.

Being able to use thumb scroll wheel (on mice such as MX Master) would be a bonus. Something seems to be blocking horizontal scroll action, a 'hickup' is visible when trying.