Git-Flow: load configuration/naming from file

Jacob Dall 2 years ago updated by Pierre Goiffon 2 years ago 3

When our developers starts a new software project, and hence have to configure Git-Flow, they have to manually enter the branch names, which tends to result in differences from one project to the next.

It would be really nice if SmartGit supported loading a conf file with the naming, or even better, allowed the Defaults to be changed, so that when configuring Git-Flow, the names would already be according to the company rules.

You are not referring to a config file which is part of the repository, but some local file? Like .gitconfig?

I don't know - whatever solves the issue I have.

I would be really nice if I could just configure the Git-Flow defaults, export the settings to a file and then instruct our developers to import that file to set the Git-Flow defaults.