import repositories creating groups based on directory v2

Kamil Kiewisz 2 years ago 0

this is a followup to https://smartgit.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/558-import-repositories-creating-groups-based-on-directory and my email conversations 

first userecho implemented auto creation of groups on initial import only

in 18.02 preview phase was extended to auto adding projects from this same directory to existing group 

whats is missing for me is auto creation of groups using `Search for Repositories...` entry in `Repositories` menu

cd c:\

mkdir new

cd new 

mkdir project1

cd project1

git init


`Repositories | Search for Repositories...` should create new group named `c:\new` and 1 repository inside `project1`

this was briefly implemented in build #131105 (with naming bug) and removed in #13120