Log, Files view: include files of submodules

Bugged 2 years ago updated by Mackenzie Zastrow 1 year ago 3

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If I have a opened and selected submodule with changed files like this:

And I select the parent submodule:

It does not show the changes for the opened submodules like the Working Tree Window does:

I would expect the Log Window be a complete replacement for the Working Tree window in the future, because it is better to work from there. I liked the layout with the log centered on the screen and a clear distinction between the Working tree and the Current index. I would say the new Log Window almost has everything the Working Tree window has. Except for small details like this:

Despite I liked very much the new Log Window, I cannot use it as Main Window due these small features I highly use. For now, the new option to set the Log Window as the Main Window is useless to me:


For the Log window, it's a non-goal to mix content of several repositories in Commits or Files view. It may be beneficial in a few scenarios, but it's a confusing concept and introduces technical difficulties. If the submodules in your project are actually that interconnected, the Working Tree window is the right choice for you.

Showing all submodule changes inline is one of the primary reasons that I use SmartGit, so not showing submodule changes in the window means that I can't switch to Log Graph as the primary UI :(