Add a 'Terminal' to the customizable toolbar

michel.bernert 2 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 3

Currently it seems that the only way to open a terminal for a repo is to right-click on the repo in the list and click "Open in Terminal".

It would be nice to have a shortcut in the toolbar that opens a terminal for the current repo.

Because the terminal is just a default, but freely editable custom tool, this would mean to allow to add any external tool to the toolbar. I thought, there would have been a request already covering this topic, but couldn't find. Would you mind me to change the title?

This one is similar to what you suggest I think, but it feels like you shouldn't need to write any script to just open a terminal.

If you just need to enter the shell name for the widget for this to work ('cmd.exe' for example) for it to open in the right directory then it's fine for me (and you can edit to reflect the idea if you want).


I think, request 270 covers this topic.