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Wow, I'm using 22.1.4 now and it seems that double-click selects whole word!

I don't see an option to revert to partial world selection, but it's not issue for me personally as I only exclusively care about copying full symbols.

Can you confirm the behavior change is official? Then you can close the ticket.

EDIT: I also upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 in the meantime. It's possible it affected selection if SmartGit is relying on OS-level text handling.

Related, there could be an option to navigate per full word instead of subword when using Ctrl+Left/Right in text fields such as the Commit message area

I found a trick using only UI, athough it's not one-step yet:

1. Toggle the PR to show it in the log view

2. Right-click > Reveal commit

3. Double-click or right-click > Check out on the revealed commit (! you must click on the pulls/.../ID badge, not the grayed out text on the right, or it won't work !)

4. You can choose to work read-only for quick testing, or create a branch to keep working on the PR

I was looking for a feature request to add Text Search for a given pane of a given file of a given commit to start with. Pressing Ctrl+F inside the diff view focuses the File Filter every time!

Without this, we cannot hope to get multi-file search... But from the way your suggestion is written, it sounds like single file search already exists, and this would be an improvement over that. In that case, can you tell me how you search text in a single file diff?

I searched for a similar request on the forum, but could only find yours. If you know about another request specifically for single file search, I'll also check it.

Otherwise, I may open another ticket for single fill text search. It is simpler and may encourage the developers to tackle this first, before they go on with multi-file search.

In the meantime I'll vote your suggestion up since ultimately it's also something I'd want.