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Solved it for now by downgrading back to 21, worked smoothly.

Similar issue as

Seems like 22.1 just worsened the contrast/intuitivity colors-wise in multiple places. Are colors more expensive to display or something? Are people using grayscale monitors at Syntevo? What is the motivation?
It would be an improvement. However, I also found the placement a bit off. What branch is being tracked is generally 2nd priority information since 99% of the time it's what you would expect it to be (the same name but on origin etc.). However, how many commits I am ahead/behind is very relevant information. With the new design, that bubble lives on the far right instead of right after the branch name.

I'd like to +1 this feature. I have been a SmartGit user for I think 7 or 8 years now, and have watched how people have started transitioning their development to the cloud. VSCode is the obvious mention here (it exploded in popularity) but now even JetBrains have released a fully client-server model:

I think SmartGit's UI is superior to all competitors and IDEs but it's hard to deny that it must be really hard to attract new users when they start their careers by jumping on the remote train (not too uncommon now afaik), and then pick a git UI that works with it (or stick with terminal-only).

If you wanna think long-term about retaining paying customers (non-hobbyists at least), you might want to start considering that rewrite. Would be a shame if this project died in case the vast majority of devs just work on a VPS 5 years from now :(

I think what was proposed above, "a menu option with keyboard shortcut is ideal way to reformat", would be great.

Any updates on this? I can't find any settings regarding it and right now, it just does soft-wrapping according to the window size. If you enable the line length guide it marks all the "too-long" lines as red. I would expect there to be a setting to set how wide the commit message can be (separate widths for the summary line and the body preferably) and then it should automatically soft-wrap to keep the text within that width. Once you hit save/commit/whatever it should automatically insert the actual line-breaks where the soft-wrapping occurred. Sounds simple enough to me.