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Of course this process could lead to conflicts.... I think in such case it would be completely OK to have just an error message like "this move would cause conflicts so it can't be done this way, do it manually".

If this rejection of conflicting moves is acceptable, than the drop could be done on any commit as long as it does not conflict, not only the currently checkout-ed one.

It would really help people like me who like to keep change ideas in stashes and would just like to move those stashes as the graph grows (maybe I'm the only on using stashes that much... ? ).

I did some screenshots to explain my idea on the usual use case I see :

1/ First I have a branch I want to rebase, and I have a stash on top of this branch (some changes I keep for later)

2/ I do rebase (simple rebase renaming a commit in my example)

    - Now my local branch is good, but the stash is yet on the previous commits, I'd prefer it to be on my brand new rebased branch.

3/ So I grab this stash, and put it on my branch's head

4/ great, my stash is there on top of my branch as it was before.

Could this be a parameter for a command line instruction ? something like `$ smartgit --folder .` and smartgit would display only repos inside the given folder ?

I think such a parameter could be very usefull for me too.

Couldn't wait, I found a way to test :D

I love the "step..." button during a "Modify All" process !!

But could we have this same button for all stopped rebase cases ?
This would be great great great !!

The problem with the "Modify or Split" feature (I love it, that's not the question) is that one can't reorder commits with it. And I personally use a lot commit re-ordering.
And as I explained in the example I gave, this case where I usually need to "step" comes from a re-order scenario.

You're doing a great jobs guys, I'm sure you can do this !! :D

Sounds really promising, I'll have a try on this preview version as soon as possible ;)

Is there anywhere I can read more about this "Modify or Split Commit: allow to stop/edit all commits" feature ? (can't install it right now....)


I would also like to be able to access commit log while editing interactive rebase strategy.

Maybe a solution would be to make it a simple window instead of a modal dialog. This way, while I'm editing my rebase strategy, I can change window and access commit log, view changes of each commit, which branch it comes from etc...

I use a lot interactive rebase, mainly to shape my commits so each one is a true complete changelog item for my final branch goal.

I usually will ensure tests pass, changes match the goal explained in the message, message is explaining what this commit adds for the branch goal etc...

As I'm not perfect, I build incomplete commits, and than fixup commits that will at the end make each commit complete.

This involve many fixup commits, and many interactive rebase where I have to check for each commit if content really matches the related commit, if it should be splited, ensure squash order etc...

Usually for interactive rebase, I still use GIT CLI, because this way smartGit's commit log window stays available and I can freely check each commit changes etc...

I would love to be able to do this with smartGit's interactive rebase feature