Your comments

Absolutely! It's what I'm waiting 4 years. :)

Great. But please implement both enhancements - working with stashes in Log is not very convenient IMHO.

I use multiple worktrees quite actively. Now I do all handling from command line and it works but is a bit cumbersome. Adding just "Add worktree" and "Delete worktree" which will delete the folder and execute 'git worktree prune' will definitely help. Visually marking worktree-repo in Repositories view with specialized tooltip is a must too.

Keeping access token encoded and not as plain text will be a good start!

No, sorry. I found Plastic about 3 years ago when we decided to replace subversion by something more flexible. But then I found SmartGit with its good svn support which allowed me evaluate it with svn first and then when we was forced to move to VSO choice of good Git client was very easy. :)

Sorry but it's not that easy. Sure we can do many interesting things by sorting, unselecting and clicking many times and don't forget returning to previous "main" state of view. So I'm much more prefer to have new "Resolve ALL Conflicts" menu command. :)