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Yes, it shows the entire file, but takes up 850 MB in memory. It is however quite a bit faster than smartgit, without warnings or errors in this regard., and it shows the file while it's being re-built from the history log.

Note: Git will also complain about "high memory usage" for larger blame files. This feature would reduce the chance of that happening (hopefully).

The problem with certain files is currently, that they are impossible to use the blame feature on. Git will report high memory usage, followed by "ran out of memory" and request a force exit.
When all you need is a 6 month blame report, a multi year (too large) report on certain large files seems excessive.

I can agree with the devs that sometimes finding out what popup hint for each branch to show, is not always as straightforward as some of the examples make it seem:

But that's exactly why the request for this feature exists.
We're all smart people here, I'm sure we can come up with a nice list of suggestions for this problem right?

TImage,. or customdraw. Not sure what API they are using,. but simply drawing an image, and such might work.

Delphi Rad Studio 10 - Firemonkey can compile win32 native, win64, ios, and andoid programs with an openGL interface,. any color you want,.

And that aside, the win32 is able to use a custom draw event,. im pretty sure there is "some" way to do a dark color theme.

Why would you want to have the exact same project in multiple repositories? That seems like an extra task just to keep the projects in sync. Git is intended to have 1 repository for a branch. It seems to me like you're trying to hack around a transition project?

Or are you using this for sub projects, such as a DLL (TChromiumEmbedded for example) from bitbucket, and then your main project on Github, etc ?

There are ways to get your entire application a single theme,. it's not right to have to monkey around in the system. The user should be able to select a theme in the application.