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Still, that other RFE suggests the word changed instead of changes. With changed, my mind will fill in the word files (because of the context). But a change is exactly what it suggests - a piece, a chunk.

I'm not sure if my answer satisfies you - it's more like "once you get used to it, you'll miss it if you don't have it."

I don't have a Windows machine here, so I can't make a screenshot of Total Commander - but basically, Ctrl+F6 changes the selected line in the ListView to a LineEdit. (This means that no dialog window is opened.) The file name is preselected, which means that you can either start typing a new name, or you can use the arrow keys to edit only a part of the name. And the cherry on the cake - if you don't delete the file name, but keep pressing Ctrl+F6 repeatedly, the selection changes between the whole file name (including the extension) and the basename (name sans suffix).

With copying - I think it is only that Total Commander does not prefill the dialog with the path to a file that will be created in the other panel, but rather a single file name.

Regarding a shortcut for Create Link - I don't have a suggestion. Midnight Commander uses an ugly "Ctrl+X L" (chained) combination. Maybe something with Alt can do.

For me, my motivation for writing this feature request was that during the recent years I spent a long time searching for a decent two-panel file manager for Linux. Most of them are just lacking stuff, maybe even the basic functionality - and I tried a lot of them. The interface of some of them looks overcrowded. Finally I found one that I like - but it was abandoned. And what happened next - suddenly my favorite diff tool has been turned into a full-fledged file manager with a nice sleek interface. This is simply GREAT! And a one of world's best diff&merge tools is integrated directly into it! So don't be surprised I started asking for features that I'm used to from other commanders.

Anyway, my general view is that with file managers, the general functionality should be identical among implementations and it is only the extras (like FTP support, ZIP reading&writing, etc.) where an individual implementation can shine.