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This is not a feature I have needed a lot, but could use this feature right now. :-)

I just encountered this problem again yesterday - I forgot to look at the Output view for errors, so kept trying things incorrectly.  I like having the Output view open for regular reviewing/watching progress, therefore SG won't display a popup on errors.  Is there any feature option can add to strongly/interruptively notify user when problems detected?

WFM but OP should comment.

That works for me.

The key thing is auto-formatting to the correct length while typing, whether it uses hard newlines or not in the control, and then submits with hard newlines as formatted.

Maybe OpenOffice|LibreOffice has something, but I would look at how gitk and git gui do it.

Using Windows.

Yes, risk exists with killing the running process.  I was thinking of letting the current process finish but not starting another one - cancel running the rest of them.  Is this possible?

Additionally, is it possible to not disable a few options, such as Log and the "Open" operations, during the background fetch operation?

Wondering if this feature is on the radar yet?  Just looking to not have to launch gitk and git gui! :-)

Wondering if this feature is in plans for the release 18 stream?  It's my biggest usability issue - opening and closing log windows a lot - so hoping for the Repositories view on the log window.

In case this helps, I have the repositories in groups and use

  right-click on group -> Open Repository | Open Repository in New Window

I use the Open Repository in New Window one all the time to keep open a group of repos and also open another repo group.