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Side question:  why does SmartGit still select all files during a discard (if [Files] went out of focus), when only 1 file is selected is [Files]?

Can that prevent accidental Discard?

Consider this scenario:

  • 4 files modified
  • I want to discard justt 1 file, and have selected that one file
  • For some reason, the [Files] tab lost focus, and [Repositories] is now in focus
  • Clicked "Discard".  I assumed only 1 file is selected (if [Files] was in focus), but now all files are selected.
  • I didn't concentrate, and hit Discard.

Yeah, I understood what you meant.  My comment above is "in addition" to what you have suggested.  On small monitors, even single-line comments will be truncated, so I would like that tooltip to handle the truncated case as well (in addition to your multi-line case).

When a commit message is truncated, the tooltip should show the full message too, regardless of whether it is multiline or not.

Works great.  Love the option to "Don't show this information again".  Thanks!

Very helpful considering the [Output] tab for the Main and Log window is independent of each other.  Sometimes, I get confused on which item happened first when I mix actions between the 2 windows.

In addition to that, perhaps use a smaller font for this tab, just like VS2017 default settings).  Output logs like these are usually verbose and long, so it's more useful to able to glance more of the output using a smaller font.

Where can I get the 18.1 preview?  The link is not available in the website.

Yeah, it's not really "completed" per repo. We can adjust the value from the settings file before this anyway. But, better than nothing.

Yeah, the inconsistency between Log and Journal can be frustrating as we keep needing to switch between views.  I understand both these windows have different context, but for the most part, they are just commit trees, and should work the same.