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Self-hosted GitLab is already supported. It requires a commercial license, though.

In the Standard window, Rename already works as expected.

Thanks for reporting these problems. Please give 23.1 build 20036 a try which should resolve the unexpected error banner and the subsequent hang: Help|Check for Latest Build .

In the Preferences, for Commands, Log do you have "Allow to open multiple Log windows" enabled? Then on Compare, SmartGit should ask you whether to open in the existing or in a new window.

Regarding the "Exceeds configured limit", how can we reproduce this?

When a file is in conflicting state, the .git/index contains stages 1,2 and 3 for the file. These point exactly to the file contents which have been used by Git's merge and these are the file contents which SmartGit's Conflict Solver will display. Once you stage a file, these .git/index entries are removed and replaced by a stage 0 entry (which means a normal file). Hence, SmartGit has not enough information anymore to display the Conflict Solver. A good summary can be found here:

Without re-implementing too much of Git's internal logic, SmartGit may be able to get the three stages back using "git checkout --merge", however this will also overwrite the current working tree content:

For 23.1 Preview build 20028, there will be a "Compare" button in the Changes view.

When selecting two main project commits, then selecting a changed submodule, the Changes view will show a "diff" of the submodule. Here you can currently click commit-links to open either commit. This will either open a new Log or re-use the existing Log. In both cases, the corresponding commit will be selected.

I guess now we'd a new option (button) in the Changes view which will do almost the same, but instead of selecting only one commit, select both of them.

Mercurial isn't supported anymore.

I guess you actually mean topic 1408 which is about WSLg?

I don't think it's a good idea to spread votes between alternative solutions to the same problem, hence closing this as duplicate of topic 1512.