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We are currently using a Java port of PrettifyJS which has a couple of problems. Our long-term goal is to find/develop a better code highlighting library. Hence, currently there is unfortunately nothing which could be done by the community.

Do you mean that we could have two different layouts for this window? One for low width, big height? And one for bug width, small height?

I'm using HEAD checkouts myself, but I also had to resort to the Recyclable Commits various times, because I lost my changes after committing, then switching back somewhere else. IMHO, it's an unsafe feature and we shouldn't support making this the default.

I'm wondering whether ".gitignore in repository root directory" would be appropriate default anyway?

As the Git docs state, "core.ignoreCase" is not expected to be changed by the user [1]: Git relies on the proper configuration of this variable for your operating and file system. Modifying this value may result in unexpected behavior.


Sorry, Chris, I should have read more carefully.