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This can be done by adding a Tool (Preferences, Tools) like:

${git} merge-base ${commit} ${commit2}

with Show output and wait until finished option selected. Then in the Log Graph or in the Branches view,  you can select two commits and invoke this tool from the context menu and check results in Window|Output.

SmartGit 21.1 will show the information that the user config can't be read.

For the next build, there will be "discard.showStashOption" instead of "discard.safeDefault"; if "smartgit.discard.safeDefault" is still present in your, it will still be used as default value for the new option.

Discard by default does "Discard to Stash" since a while.

We have a slight option/low-level-properties inflation in SmartGit. Hence following suggestion:

Change "discard.safeDefault" to simply hide the "Discard to Stash" button entirely

@all, any objections?

This is already possible with DeepGit (Investigate): in the Blame view, select the chunk, then invoke Edit|Set Selection as Filter.

Thanks! I have now uploaded build 17092 which fixes this issue and another possible problem with replies linking to deleted parent comments.

Thanks, please give build 17091 a try which should now be able to handle URLs with some prefix like "tfs/". Your server URL should be "http://myserver:8080/TFS/OFCollection".

Thanks, I understand now. Please post as this as new topic.