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This topic is about files from commits, not local (or Index) files.

Good point. Fixed for version 19.2 preview (SG-13044).

A screenshot of what is currently present (work-in-progress): for the selected lines (orange), you will see the restricted Navigation graph. In this graph, you will see:
  • all of the selected commits (orange dot)
  • all commits for predecessor lines, .i.e replaced lines (black dot)
  • auxiliary merge commits which are necessary to display the filtered lines with a reasonable structure (gray font)

This is actually something I'm currently working on for DeepGit. But maybe DeepGit will already be helpful to you in its current form: Query|Investigate .

Since 18.2.7, there is now Preferences, Low-level property "connection.https.trustedFingerprints"

Sorry about confusion about topics. I have now published this one.

Is this a duplicate of ?

It should be possible to implement this for equal lines and changes for which left change side size = right change side size. But what about changes which have different size on left and right side?