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Where are the files with the color values regarding the light and dark background, in order to create a copy?

- It would be useful to have an option to clone a theme in order to edit it (meaning just to change only one or few color/s). This could be a potential feature.


Aha!.. Just test it!

Well if it's not a problem - or there is no other design strategy for double click there - double click could also do the same?

Middle mouse button is a "difficult" button in some mouse devices. And single-click creates an uncertainty of a close by accident (middle mouse "difficulty" negates this uncertainty though).

But ok. As far as the functionality of quick-closing exist, I think the feature I ask would be good but not necessary.


hm.. Just curiosity. Why this issue remains "under moderation" for so long?.. Thanks.

I also find it odd, that the "Push to" option which exists on Log and Working Tree window, does not exist in Standard Window - the one I use.

To this end I have to open the Log/Working Tree window each time from there, which is unnecessary burden.

Please consider to add the same menu option at Standard window too, if there is no actual reason for not having it there.


Then I guess regarding color, at least the dark theme needs some coloring-work on the color issue.

I think the best approach is to stage all the visible committable files, as you can always have selected the `.` (root) folder to stage all the changes at once. I found recently myself in a situation where I didn't want to stage all the (many) files, but to stage all the files per folder which I was looking at (thus visible committable files), verifying they are correct in each folder. Thus the "visible committable files" depending the folder you have select, seems to be the optimal solution from my small experience in smartgit. Because they gives you the advantage of staging via easy filtering (via folders etc).

The first thing I caught myself looking for in smartgit when tied to stage files, is a "stage-all" button right next to the "Stage" button. I looked even in the preferences if there is any option to enable such a button. Eventually ended here asking for this feature. Thus I think this is what I need. A "big" toolbar button right next to the big "Stage" button.

And, I think it should also exist an "Unstage-All" button also next to the "Unstage" button (imagine accidentally staging a folder with 100+ data-trash items, you probably need a intuitive easy way to undo it)

Well, my general workflow is everytime I want to make a new commit, to stage all changed files first (that's why I want such a stage-all button), and then quick-look in the staged list if there are -via low probability- files that I don't want to commit (autogenerated files, etc) which I unstage and handle afterward the commit. Coming from other GUIs this is the way I learned to use it. Thus the lack of the "stage-all" button in the standard window which I mostly use, especially if there are many files to be changed in a commit, it makes me feel "uncomfortable" as I am trying to find other 'sideways' to achieve what I want.

What do you mean with the "forget the stage and commit"?.. It seems like an option but where can I find this option? I can not see something related in preferences.

I was thinking just to be a "stage-all" button, to automatically stage all the files without any extra step (I've seen this button in different git guis)?

This feature is not working in Windows 11 Home version. And it was the first thing I checked. I can't find a way to re-arrange the tabs of the repositories in the top row (version 22.1.7 #19285 - the default version I downloaded from the website today).