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@Thomas, it makes no sense. My license is expired (need to update it*) and the about dialog says: Registered (single user). I can bet you have different code-base for licensed-and non-licensed users.

p.s. nice licence trick )

* `Later you may purchase updates for a reduced price` -> goes to http page, I did a ticket for a long time ago to use https, could you check it please. meanwhile https:// works. It looks like just a content typo

At some point you need to hide the "push" button also.

It is more or less a draft implementation of real review process (is not worth to use). The best example of the mentioned solution is a pull request review process (i.e. github, bb, etc.). I need to see the domain (folder structure) and changed files + EASY way to jump from one file to, most probably, related file.

The diff of smartgit is better than at github or bb, but I have to create pull requests to do this.

p.s. by accident I've clicked two times on the tab and the size was increased to the whole screen. Please, educate me(i.e. what is new).

I'm curious how far people can go with fancy-not-needed features.

> Seeing approximately one such notification per quarter shouldn't be too obtrusive?

Please let me decide what is obtrusive and what isn't.

(without proofs) In my case the reason was the way smartgit saves the state. I use dropbox to share my settings among PCs. When I shutdown the PC, smartgit has no chance to store it, because the dropbox daemon already quit. So, EVERY day I see the UserEcho message*.

* I found UserEcho from your facebook/twitter because I like the product :)

(fyi): If ticket status is changed in JIRA, you can't change it. Transitions should be refreshed. It leads to a situation when you see the same dialog twice.

Same, please add the branch name to the commit dialog. Otherwise I have to move the commit window to the right to see it

~/.gitconfig is a symlink to the dropbox folder. This way I store my dots files including git. The same way I store smartgit settings folder.

Those commits are, in general, trash commits. And it is super easy to navigate between tickets/PR(from one grey commit to another).