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Please be more precise what exactly you want to be searched for? Should all files of the selected commit/between selected both commits/local files (if the working tree node is selected) be searched? Or just the visible filtered files?

Please describe your exact usecase.

You can configure external tools in the preferences since multiple versions.

Can already be done in the preferences by editing the corresponding tool.

We are using ANTLR for configuring the lexer grammar. Better suggest which language is missing as a separate request.

Swift should be supported in the meantime. Let me know if there is something incorrectly lexed.

Verilog is available; let me know if there is something incorrectly lexed.

At the moment, middle-click closes the tab.

Let me know if you can reproduce the problem with any easy to install Linux available as .iso file and capable of running in VirtualBox.

Clicking on the window title to close is subject to the operating system/window manager.