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There is no need to use a commit dialog since a couple of versions. Instead, you can use the Commit view (Window | Commit).

You already can perform an interactive rebase and do that.

Yes, editing (while SmartGit is not running) would be best suited here.

Maybe instead of creating branches, you should take a look at SmartGit's Standard window and its Feature commands.

ATM I would consider the likelihood of implementing quite low as the request seems to be very specific for your workflow.

The UI and documentation is in the preferences, page Low-Level Properties.

The used GUI library (SWT) and hence SmartGit only supports one scaling for all monitors. SmartGit only supports images at 100% and 200% scaling.

It is there - see the Hamburger menu. You need to unselect the Compact mode.

Do you change all 35k files in the commit or do you have enabled to show even the unchanged ones?