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That is by design. System leaves everything to the system/default SWT implementation. Only the other options are using our code.

For which setting of styledtext.wordCaretMovementType  you are seeing this behavior?

Thanks for the input.

Regarding the new C# syntax: could you please provide a short example illustrating it at Thanks in advance.

Correction: "system" is the equivalent of styledtext.useOwnWordBoundaryDetection = false

> word-boundaries also stops once per space but also stops at underscores, like system

Sorry, I don't understand this. Could you please explain on an example?

Please give the low-level property styledtext.wordCaretMovementType in SmartGit 24.1 preview a try.

Sorry, looks like I misunderstood you. Do you mean the old external tool to fast-forward branches that are not checked out? That was replaced in the Log window by an implemented command. For the Standard window it does not exist, but actually is not needed, because the Pull command already fast-forwards all branches if the branches were equal to their remote before the pull.

Fast-forward does not exist as a standalone command, but occurs on Merge (like in all other windows, too) if it is possible to merge fast-forward.

Do I understand you correctly, that you are using the AI in your personal/test projects to fine-tune the human language of your commit messages?

For what kind of projects do you use AI commit message generation - open/closed source private/own/company, employer repository?