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Local | Remove should do the trick.

SmartGit 22.1 is only in preview, SmartGit 22.2 not even started.

This is how the Pull works in the Standard window of 22.1 preview.

Do you have a link which describes the exact syntax?

This should be fixed in SmartGit 22.1 #19142+.

So you want to always drag the stash onto the HEAD commit, OK. Right-clicking the stash and selecting Apply Stash already works today.

Do I understand you correctly:

  • you want to drag a stash commit from the Graph onto another non-stash commit?
  • SmartGit should check out that non-stash commit (or create a branch on it?) and
  • then apply this stash?

When Ctrl/Cmd+clicking the first time (selecting a commit), this new commit should be shown. OK.
What should happen, when Ctrl/Cmd+clicking the second time (unselecting a commit)?