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Our of curiosity, how much files do you want to open in the file compare? Do you use an internal or external file compare tool? Why is selecting one by one file not sufficient for you?

You need to run the latest Windows 10 build - see this screenshot on our website. Most likely you are using a Windows 10 build that is too old.

Will be implemented in 19.2 preview 1.

Will be implemented in 19.2 preview 1.

Thanks for the kind words.

I have tried Total Commander now again. I used it nearly 20 years ago until I found Altap Salamander (and on Mac/Linux used MC).

Regarding Shift+F5: With SmartSynchronize the plain copy (F5) can do both, copy to the other panel and copy to the same directory. For the latter you just need to type the new name.

Regarding Shift+F6: SmartSynchronize (F2) preselects the file name without extension, but a Ctrl+A selects all. Yes, no identical replacement, but IMHO a more standard approach.

Did you found out how to change the shortcuts in SmartSynchronize (Edit | Customize)?

Regarding your last paragrap ("the general functionality should be identical among implementations"): this is not possible because there are a lot of file managers available and each makes something somehow different. Our aim it to no implement everything that exists in all other file managers, but rather pick the best ideas with clear benefit, e.g. the directory history (Ctrl+P) inspired by fman.

What benefit would have the in-place copy/rename?
Regarding the Shift+F5 default shortcut for Create Link: what other shortcut do you suggest? I'd consider it is some kind of lightweight copying.

Explanation: SmartGit always is very sensitive to what control has the focus and what is selected. The Query | Show Changes menu item (= toolbar button) requires the focus in the Files view and a single selection there.
We could relax this a little bit to not require the focus in the Files view.