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As of now only 6 of ~x0.000 users voted for this feature, so it doesn't look really important to us.

Yes, this line is gone because the unified diff solves this purpose.

For a long time SmartGit has a combined view showing working tree and index files in one table. There, staged files are kept selected after the state change.

If I understand this correctly, this would just commit the last staged (and still selected) file, right?

22.1 preview 1 will have it except of "Either do not pre-populate the list of found repos, or indicate which paths have been searched to produce it."

What should happen if you have staged some files, select other files and stage them (keeping them selected). Now you invoke Commit. What should be the choice - only the selected files or the staged files? I would think, that 99% of the users would expect the staged files to be selected.

Yes, we need to white-list the Windows 11 version, because we had to use inofficial API.