Your comments

Just for my understanding: you have multiple remotes and in each one is a master you have checked out?

This was upon user request because novice users created unintentionally a lot of branches tracking the same remote branch.

You already can get it from and invoking Help | Check for Latest Build.

You already can do something similar on Windows by using the portable bundle.

Regarding the "see what is inside a stash" part: you can see it in the log.

The dialog should have an option to remember it for all repositories. While I completely agree with you regarding the preference of rebase over merge, I guess the most teams will rather use merge, e.g. because they don't trust rebase.

Please open another request for making the poll/fetch intervals configurable.

We already had this until SmartGit 5 or so (SmartSVN still has this) and it was a mess!

You have read Marc's second paragraph? What would be the advantage if SmartGit would be turned into SourceTree - we could not cope with the free original.

BTW, what exactly should be changed beside the repositories view?